O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

What's in those colorful boxes under you, just for me

Come on, Christmas morning, I can hardly wait to see

Is that a bike or trike or teddy bear, I really don't care

I want, I want to see, what's under those ribbons and bright lights for me

The tree is really green in the hot summer, you know

And in white winter when the ice and snow make it so cold

The north wind will blow, still it is green, I've been nice, not mean

A square checker or chess board I hope

Chocolate covered dark almonds and cheese cake when I awake please, please green tree, reward me!

Don't make me cry many a tear

I wished all year, hoping just to see

What's under that delish green tree, just for me

Fun Fun Run Run we're all very hearty

Merry Christmas Everybody

– Duane Lyon is a international writer and poet