Bud and Janice Martin have accomplished a marital feat few people have. Last August 15th the kind couple celebrated their "Diamond Anniversary," doing what few have done, being married 60 years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014 only 5% of folk make it to even 50 years under one roof.

   The Starlube Auto Express Care boss at 1510 Military Avenue said, "that's alot of mostly good water under the bridge" and my secret is "mostly pick a good woman."    I never had the privilege of meeting kind Mrs. Janice before who surely wasn't misnamed, as nice is in her name. Bud and Janice both wear a  easy smile. She is a extraordinary cook of down on the farm comfort food.     Bud's always bragging on his bride. The day of this impromptu interview he said, "she don't look eighty." Truth is as I walked in I thought this was one of Bud's daughters!    Bud's loaded with wits of wisdom and grandkids! Great grandson Jakobi, and great granddaughter Laikyn, were on hand for the photo and just like Poppy and Nanny wearing that easy smile. These kids been loved on as if you ask them a question they will look you right in the eyes and talk.     These sweet young people were chatting away about Christmas and lovely Laikyn had that new holiday IPhone in her hand. Now I always wondered why Bud built back after the terrible tornado tore up Baxter and the Star Lube Auto Express Care building. He had his living made and could have just sat at at the house eating homemade pie and watching the creek roll by from out on his back deck.       The city awarded the business and couple for making a comeback. Still I heard another revelation revealed on my oil change/warranty tire rotation headed up by Super Mike visit day. Bud blurted out he's fixin to be buying another generation of tires for all these Great Grand Babies who will want wheels soon. Kids, Grands now here come the greats, who can hardly wait to get Big wheels on-them soon coming Hot rods.    This family is just that, family. They're greatful, generous and hard workers. Happy 61 this August 15th, 2020. Dwight D.Eisenhower was our president when the Cherokee County Couple said their marriage vows at the United Methodist Church, Baxter Springs.     Happy 90 birthday to Rachel Channel, "Mema" and Happy 90th birthday to Orville Smith.    Baxter American Legion met fot their monthly breakfast, January 4th, 2020 at the American Legion, 13th & Military, Baxter Springs.       Baxter Springs Lions Club, Biscuit & Gravy breakfast January 18, 2020, free will donation at the Baxter Springs Lions Club, 137 West 14th, Baxter Springs...visit the Baxter Springs Museum and Heritage Center, Mary Billington was named Director in 2016 and she is doing a great job. My friend Dona K. now volunteers as a greeter. Museum phone, 1-620-856-2385.    The Ritz Theatre, Baxter, past and present showing, Spies in Disguise and Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker.     Signs of the times at the Johnston Public Library, "Closed For Your Own Safety," "Do Not Enter," questions: call 856-5591....Johnstonpubliclibrarybsks@gmail.com...For Library sources, Columbus, Galena, Hoopla Digital:com Johnston Public Library...coming soon, outdoor Wifi.     The V Sports Bar & Grill closed until further notice.(Sign at the front door)...take a 2020 Health Trip at Baxter's Envy Fitness & Yogi Studio on Military Avenue.      Lord willing and the river don't rise, see y'all next week. Contact me at thestreetpreacherjs@gmail.com. God really loves you, me too!  — Lyon is an international writer, world traveler and poet who lives part-time in Baxter Springs.