OTTAWA—The City of Ottawa Kansas Municipal Government and the Ottawa Police Department have both released scam alert information regarding unwarranted phone calls.

"Some customers have notified us that they are receiving calls regarding past due bills, and stating they are from Evergy and not City of Ottawa," a recent city Facebook post stated. "This is a reminder that The City of Ottawa, KS does not contact you via phone in regards to past due bills and you should exercise extreme caution when you receive these calls. Please be aware that scammers will ask for sensitive information over the phone that they can use to access your accounts. If you receive a potential scam phone call it is best to hang up."

The Ottawa Police Department has also recently received numerous notifications of a scam involving misrepresentation of the Social Security Administration.

"Anyone calling saying they work for the Social Security Administration, the IRS is coming to your house RIGHT NOW to arrest you, or a long-lost relative in jail in a foreign country is needing bail money in iTune Gift Cards (yes this one happens a lot!!), or someone needing money to pay taxes to get jewels out of other countries...all of that is false," the police department posted.

Advice for those who receive calls such as listed above is to hang up. Another plan is to get a call back number, wait a day, block the personal calling number and try to return the call. Most scam call numbers do not return back to a working number.