ST. JOHN — A new employment opportunity has opened in St. John at the Stafford County  Economic Development Workspace 311, dependent on if 6 to 10 workers are found to fill positions as customer service representatives by mid-October.

Stafford County Eco-Devo Executive Director Carolyn Dunn said Zarif Haque, president of DRAIVER, headquartered in Overland Park, visited Eco-Devo’s Workspace 311 location at 311 North Broadway on the east side of St. John Square in late August.

"I think he was pleased with the set-up and he really is looking to provide job opportunities for rural Kansas residents," Dunn said of Haque.

Salaries for the position will range from $13 to $14 hourly, with part-time and full-time options.

"Now, it’s a matter of finding employees to fill the positions," said Dunn.

"They’re looking for employees who can multi-task and be available for rotating shifts," Dunn said, adding that Eco-Devo housing opportunities are available, if needed to draw new residents to St. John to fill positions.

Paid training will be provided by DRAIVER whose business is moving vehicles from one location to another as needed by its customers.

Job duties for the potential St. John positions will include both answering in-bound calls and making out-bound calls and responding to emails.

"DRAIVER’s goal is to hire employees who will provide good customer service in a timely but efficient manner," Dunn said.

Detailed information about the openings is posted on both The City of St. John and St. John Economic Development Facebook sites.

"The Stafford County marketplace now provides 31 full-time and 17 part-time jobs and generates over $100,000 a year in local property and city and county sales taxes," Dunn said.