GREENSBURG — There is a new picnic shelter with ten new tables in Greensburg near the swimming pool, positioned just right to provide a place for families and residents to eat and find shade at Davis Park.

"This shelter can be used by the community for a variety of events. It’s nice that is located in the center of town and on the same block as the swimming pool," said Stacy Barnes, Greensburg City Administrator. "We are working on further development for that park to include playground equipment."

The tables themselves have an unusual backstory. The picnic tables were purchased in part by a grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Waste Tire Grand Program. This grant paid for half of the cost of the ten new picnic tables that were put in the shelter earlier this month. These tables are made from recycled tires and plastic.

"These tables from Champlin Tire Recycling, Inc. are 100% recycled plastic and rubber composition makes these products durable, low maintenance, and weather resistant," according to the City of Greensburg, KS Facebook page.

Champlin Tire Recycling is located in Concordia. They have been in business for over 25 years, creating picnic tables, trail benches, and park benches from recycled tires.

Some other additions to this area of town include 50 trees, which were planted to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tornado in 2017. These trees will provide shade to future visitors.

The new picnic shelter has been in the works for since the fall of 2018. The Greensburg City Council approved the purchase of the picnic shelter structure, which was then constructed by city employees.