WELLINGTON — The city of Wellington and the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB are sponsoring a Wellington Flag Project to design a city flag that will serve as a symbol of the past, present and future of the community. From Dec. 7 through Jan. 15, 2021, the public is invited to select up to five of their favorite designs from the 29 flag designs entered.

There are two ways to participate. The first is to go to the City of Wellington Facebook page under the post of the flag designs and review all 29 flags in this post. In the upper right corner of each picture is the explanation the designer shared with their entry. Each viewer can select up to five of their favorite flags by either pressing the "like" or "love" button under the specific flag designs of their choice. No comments will be allowed. This post will be at the top of the City of Wellington page through Friday, Jan. 15.

Those without access to Facebook may go to the City Administration Building or the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB office during business hours Dec. 7-Jan. 15 to view the flag choices and vote in person. All 29 designs and explanations are displayed on posters in the lobbies of each building.

After Jan. 15, public selections will be tallied and the top 10 flag designs will advance to the final judging round. A selection committee will judge the finalists and select a winning design. The winning design will be unveiled at the 2021 annual banquet of the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB sometime in the first quarter of 2021with the specific date to be determined. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize.