Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

It always amazes me how in sync I am with my best friend Amber. I swear at some points it is like we share a brain. It is like she knows what Iím thinking before I even think it. For example, recently she was telling me about how she was sick. The next text message she sent me was, what is the boiling point? Now I know what youíre all thinking ó the boiling point for what? Well without missing a beat I said for a fever itís like 104 or 105 degrees. Like I said ó in sync.

Now let me give you a little background on Amber and I. We met each other in the second grade, when I moved to LaCygne. That is when our friendship started building. We continued through school together, our friendship continuing to grow. Then on my first day of class at Pittsburg State University, I walked into my very first photography class and sat down to wait and the next thing I know she walks into the classroom. Come to find out we had picked the same major. Amazingly in sync.

Now Iím telling you about Amber because this weekend we ended up taking a very spur of the moment road trip. Amber called me Wednesday and asked if I wanted to go with her and some old high school buddies on a mini road trip to Manhattan. After a little persuasion from Amber and clearing up my schedule I said yes.

I got to LaCygne to meet up with everyone Friday evening, and we set to loading the car. Josh, Travis, Amber, and I then threw ourselves into the car and off we headed to Joeís apartment for our spur of the moment quick weekend get away. Joe is another very good high school friend of ours so our weekend was kind of turning into a mini-reunion at the same time.

The trip to Manhattan was so fun that between the singing, talking and laughing I was almost sad when we arrived, but my excitement for our shenanigans that were about to begin over took any sadness.

Our first night in Manhattan was rather calm. Just a quick walk to check out some of the local night life. Not a whole lot happened that night. Just a lot of fun and a little dancing between five old friends.

The second night, however, was kind of like taking a tornado, a carnival, and 10,000 screaming college students and throwing them into a blender. It was amazing! Throughout the night I continued running into old friends from high school, making our little reunion just get bigger and bigger. I met a million strangers who instantly became my friends and learned thousands of facts about them Iíll never remember. It was a whirlwind, but just down-right fantastic. I have probably never walked so much in my entire life, but it was well worth the fun we had.

I think this had probably been one of the best weekends Iíve ever had. It will hold a thousand fond memories for me. I owe this weekend to some fantastic friends. So thanks to you Josh, Travis and Joe. But I want to say a huge thanks to Amber, who just happens to be the other half of my brain and knew if I missed this weekend I would regret it. Thanks guys for this mini road trip of epic proportions.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate. She can be emailed at