Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

Cherokee County Attorney John Bullard returned to work Thursday after being arrested last week on misdemeanor domestic violence charges — charges he and his wife both deny.

Bullard told the Advocate that because it would likely take some time for the Kansas Attorney General‘s office to make a determination on whether prosecution should go forward or not he felt he needed to return to work.

“Bascially, since I haven‘t done anything wrong I decided it was not fair to the taxpayers to pay me not to be at work,” Bullard said.

He had originally placed himself on paid administrative leave until the AG could make a determination on the case.

Bullard said he had not missed any time due to this case as he had already been scheduled to be off the first part of this week.

Bullard was arrested by the Cherokee County Sheriff‘s Department March 11 after his wife Shanel Bullard sent a photo of her bruised and swollen lip to a third party in what she told the Advocate was an accident.

Shanel Bullard said earlier this week medications she is on for severe ulcerative colitis cause easy bruising.

“Like I‘ve had to tell everyone, nothing happened,” Shanel Bullard said Monday. “I bit the inside of my lip and I have a statement from the doctor saying that.”

The Advocate contacted the office of Attorney General Steve Schmidt and spokesman Jeff Wagaman said no determination has been made as yet and that investigations of this type generally take several weeks to complete.