BAXTER SPRINGS Eli Turner with Boy Scout Troop 15 spoke to the Baxter Springs City Council Tuesday night about repairing GAR markers in the Baxter Springs Cemetery. Turner said the project would be a community service project to obtain Eagle Scout. There are between 75 and 100 markers in the cemetery. The markers recognize Union veterans of the Civil War.

"Many of the markers have been eroded or broken," said Turner.

Turners plan is to purchase concrete for the repair and reset the markers.

He asked the city to reimburse him of the cost of the project. The project is estimated to cost no more than $325. Turner added the cost can be less.

Councilman Ron Steele asked about liability on the project. Turner said there would be no liability issues. The city council approved the project 7-0.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 15 were present at Tuesday evenings meeting to complete the requirements for a merit badge.

Fourth Ward Councilman Ron Costlow was not present for the meeting.

In other business:

The council had a first read on a resolution which would waive the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a, or the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. City Attorney Robert Myers said the city was on a cash basis resulting in the waiver. The waiver if approved at a later meeting would apply to 2012 and to 2011.

Voted to purchase three computers for the police department. The total cost

of the computers will be $1,958.58. No monitors are included in the purchase price. Funding will come from the police budget.

Approved appropriation ordinance #3245, consisting of $182,389.69, payroll of 444,791.79, for a total of $227,181.48.

Approved the hiring of Wayne Christy as a part time dispatcher for the police department, upon the recommendation of Police Chief David Edmondson.

Approved the purchase of $5,685.98 for a pump for the fire department, it will be used on the brush truck.

Discussed the policy involving trees in alleys. Councilman Ron Steele said the

city is supposed to maintain alleys, but the number of alleys makes this impossible to do.

"I maintain my own alley," said Steele.

Mayor Bingham inquired as to why so many people were attending a Kansas Rural Water Association Meeting. Bingham said it was costly for six people to attend the meeting. Councilman Gary Allen thought it was beneficial to the people.

City Clerk Donna Wixon will be attending as a city representative and acting as a moderator.