The second degree murder trial of a Columbus man accused of shooting his wife to death has been postponed until July 13.

Robert Jarman, charged with the August 22, 2007 death of his wife, Suzanne M. Jarman , after officers from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department responded to a shooting at 1105 West Country Road.

Suzanne M. Jarman was found with an apparant gunshot wound to the head.  Nearly six months later, her husband, was arrested and charged with her murder.

At a hearing Wednesday in District court Jarman’s attorney Sam Marsh told judge Oliver Kent Lynch of a conflict the attorney had with another case in Girard. He asked the judge to allow him to change the date set for the trial.

Though it will have been nearly two years since the incident occurred Judge Lynch talked to Jarman about his losing time from his speedy trial rights to accommodate his attorney. The delay was granted by Lynch but the time was counted against the defendant.