Beau Brock, KHP, Jasper County warrant, no bond

Mary Owens, BSPD,

Jeff Qualls, KHP, driving while suspended, bond $1,000

Waylon Harvey, CKSO, Cherokee Couty warrant, no bond

Macgyver Namelo, BSPD, burglary, theft, criminal damage to property, minor in consumption, minor in possession, bond $7,000 c/s

Frank Thomas, BSPD, CKSO warrant, 2 BSPD warrants, bond $6,000, $240, $1,500

William Toney, CKSO, CKSO warrant, bond $75,000 c/s

Norman HIgnite, GPD, aggravated assault, $7,000 c/s

Mickey Wittenmyer, GPD, aggravated assault, battery, bond $8,500 c/s

Trampis Kellogg, CKSO, driving while suspended, bond $1,000 c/s

Travis Brazas, CKSO, domestic battery, bond $1,500 c/s

Patricia Clemmons, BSPD, 7 day commitment, no bond

Kevin Brown, CKSO, theft, bond $2,000 c/s

Patrick Colston, CKSO, 3 burglaries, 3 thefts, 3 criminal damages to property, bond $31,500 c/s

Kimberly Archie, CKSO, 2 Ottawa County warrants, no bond

Danny Riley, CKSO, CKSO warrant, no bond

Stephen Haggerton, BSPD, BSPD warrant, $202.

Alice Wilkins, CKSO, CKSO warrant, no bond