Thursday, Sept. 10, the Columbus Lady Titan tennis team played host to Coffeyville, Parsons, and Labette County at Marvel Park in Parsons. Due to rain and a shortage of court space, Columbus was in charge of the quadrangular matches held in Parsons. Rain threatened to postpone the matches early but held off long enough to get all games played. Coach Sills and his team had good matches and gained valuable experience as they approach the halfway point of their season.

Tennis results from 9-10 @ Parsons #1 Singles  Becca Frobish Lost 8-5 to Boya Abudu of Coffeyville Lost 8-0 to Amberly Richins of Labette Lost 8-0 to Sarah Ong of Parsons #2 Singles  Nikki Spear Lost 8-1 to Jordan Hayes of Coffeyville Lost 8-2 to Elyse Merritt of Labette> Lost 8-0 to Amy Shaw of Parsons #1 Doubles Shaylee Thomas Lost 8-4 to Barrett/ Schockey of Coffeyville Kelsey Hill Lost 8-7 to Anderson/ Baughman of Labette Lost 8-2 to Kutz/Mosier of Parsons #2 Doubles Marissa Shaurette Lost 8-0 to Holeman/Honas of Coffeyville Ryleigh Schoech Lost 8-3 to Eckelberry/Wells of Labette Lost 8-0 to Riggin/Ong of Parsons Aug. 27 @ Chanute #1 Singles Becca Frobish Lost 8-0 to Czaria Ramos of Chanute Lost 8-4 to Briana Goodman of Neodesha Lost 8-0 to Katie Anderson of Labette Co. Lost 8-1 to Amanda Carr of Iola #2 Singles Nikki Spear Lost 8-0 to Shelby Crain of Chanute Lost 8-1 to J.J. Schoonover of Neodesha Lost 8-0 to Amberly Richins of Labette Lost 8-4 to Danette Newland of Iola #1 Doubles Shaylee Thomas Lost 8-3 to Ward/Wendt of Chanute   Kelsey Hill Won 8-6 over Howard/Welch of Neodesha Lost 8-6 to Baughman/Nance of Labette Lost 8-5 to Bannister/Wolf of Iola #2 Doubles  Marissa Shaurette Lost 8-1 to Churning/Gardner of Chanute Ryleigh Schoech  Lost 8-2 to Schurle/Newland of Neodesha  Lost 8-0 to Eckelberry/Wells of Labette  Lost 8-6 to Ford/Froggatte of Iola Tennis results from Thursday, September 3rd at Iola. #1 Singles:  Becca Frobish  Lost 0-8 to Brianna Hilger, Independence Lost 1-8 to Amanda Carr, Iola #2 Singles:  Nikki Spear Lost 1-8 to Lexi Dent, Independence Won 8-6 over Dannette Newland, Iola #1 Doubles:  Shaylee Thomas & Kelsey Hill Lost 0-8 to Mayes/Near, Independence Lost  6-8 to Bannister/ Wolf, Iola Lost 2-8 to Davis/Kipp, Parsons #2 Doubles:  Ryleigh Schoech & Marissa Shaurette Lost 0-8 to Mangan/Mangan, Independence Won 8-7 over Ford/Froggatte, Iola Won 8-6 over Nickelson/Nickelson, Parsons.