COLUMBUS — The Columbus bowling alley is under new ownership and has been all but gutted in preparation for reopening in April.

New owner Jason Taylor said they originally planned to reopen April 1 but are now shooting for April 7. The delay has to do with the size of the project.

The licensed Assembly of God Minister said they have had to completely redo the lanes which were badly neglected and are putting in a full restaurant where the pool tables once were.

“There will be no drinking and no smoking,” Taylor said. “We’re want to have a family atmosphere.”

Taylor said they’ve put in new carpet, have painted, resurfaced the lanes and are hanging new scoring monitors this week to replace the outdated ones and will be putting in a full proshop.

“We’ve pretty much changed the whole place,” he said.

Taylor and his family are originally from Kentucky and he said he met his wife in a bowling alley.

“I have a love and passion for bowling,” he said, adding he plans to mingle his love of bowling with the ministry.

Taylor and his family currently reside in Miami, Okla. and he is the bowling coach for Wyandotte High School where his youngest son is currently a senior. He said they will likely move to Columbus after his son graduates and he hopes to get a bowling program started at CUHS.

Taylor noted bowling is actually a school sport in Kansas, largely because of the perennially nationally-ranked program at Wichita State University in Wichita.

“We’re excited about (the opening),” he said. “The town is excited.”