GALENA An area man discovered the hard way that trying to rob Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby was a mistake early Wednesday morning.

According to police reports at about 12:25 a.m., Wednesday they arrived at Oglesby's property to find him holding a suspect later identified as 40-year-old Paul R. Glander at gun point.

Glander had allegedly been loading his pickup truck with electrical equipment used in area oil fields.

Oglesby told the CCNA Thursday that about 12:20 a.m. or so neighborhood dogs had started barking. His daughter-in-law, alerted by the dogs looked out a window and saw a vehicle backing into the driveway. She then called Oglesby who grabbed a gun and his pickup and drove over to confront the would be robber.

"The suspect was about one third loaded," said Oglesby, who was a Newton County Sheriff's Deputy for 14 years. "He approached me and I advised him to go to his truck. He didn't comply.

"I drew down on him and ordered him to back up again. At that point he decided I was serious."

Ironically, Oglesby said, they'd just had a city council meeting that night and Galena Police Chief Larry Delmont had advised the council there was a scrap metal theft ring operating in the area.

"It just shows that homeowners need to get the training and get armed," Oglesby said. "You're the first line of defense of your property."

Oglesby said while he's not encouraging vigilantism, copper and metal thieves "need to realize they are putting their lives at risk for a few dollars worth of metal."

He commended the response time of local law enforcement, who were on the scene within minutes but noted homeowners have to be prepared to protect their own property.

"People need to stand up and say 'not here, not anymore.'" Ogleby said.

Glander has since been released on bail.