GALENA — According to a release from Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves, shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Southeast Kansas Drug Enforcement Task Force, raided a Galena home, executing a search warrant at 511 Euclid.

During the course of the search, officers discovered what they believe to be methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Robert Hudson, 32, was arrested and is being held in the Cherokee County Jail on suspicion of Possessing Methamphetamine, Possessing Marijuana, and Possessing Drug Paraphernalia.

Hudson remains in custody in lieu of Bond $9,000.00 bond and formal charges have not yet been filed.

Undersheriff Terry Clugston said the quantities of drugs found were consistent with personal use, and there was nothing found to indicate a manufacturing operation was going on at the residence.

Clugston also said it’s not unusual for marijuana to be found during a meth bust.

“The simple explanation is marijuana is a gateway drug,” Clugston said. “They start with marijuana and they build up a tolerance.

“When they don’t get the high they used to they move on to something stronger.”