Columbus is soon going to have a support group for people with cancer, their families and friends.

Grace For the Journey Cancer Support Group, organized by Amy Henson and Roger Beason will meet 6 p.m., Tuesday in the Autumn Place blue room.

The group was organized to provide social support for individuals coping with cancer, whether they have the disease or are close to someone who does.

“This is a good thing,” Amy Henson said. “It will be for family members and friends too.”

Henson’s husband Steven suffers from primitive multi-potential primary sarcoma cancer of the bone.

Co-organizer Roger Beason is a seven year survivor of prostate cancer. He recommends the support group for cancer survivors and also family of patients who didn‘t make it.

“This will be an excellent group for anyone dealing with cancer,” said Beason. “I encourage all people struggling with the disease to come out and be a part.”

Other support group members are breast cancer survivor Anita Robinson and family survivor Angie Rippel who lost her father to cancer.

In the future, the group hopes to help families with fundraising for situations of providers not being able to work. Also they plan to work with families having conditions not covered by insurance.

The group will provide cookies and drink refreshments following the meeting.

“It will last about an hour to an hour and a half,” Henson said. “In January we will have a guest speaker.”

Autumn Place is located at 315 south East Avenue in Columbus. East Avenue is also Highway 69.