New weather radios will be available in the next couple of weeks to the citizens of Cherokee County.

Cherokee County Emergency Management Director Jason Allison said they should be receiving the new radios the first of this week.

An additional 1,000 radios have been ordered.

Allison said there was such a demand for the last set of radios they decided to order more.

He said the radios were bought with the same grant which had been amended for a third time.

Allison said they were going to go ahead and program all of the radios for the residents.

He said they are also having people preregister for the radios.

He said to register for a weather radio residents are asked to bring a photo I.D. to Mobile Advantage.

Allison also said it is still one radio per residence.

Allison said the radios will be available after they have been programmed.

Allison said the radios are in conjunction with a grant that allowed the county to buy new tornado sirens.