Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

This weekend I attended a wedding with my dear friend Amber. Once again her abilities to read my mind and persuade me were at work. Her cousin Shelby was getting married and Amber asked me to tag along, so of course I said yes.

The wedding was quite nice, quiet, simplistic, and wonderful. I only had one complaint, which Iím finding happening more often these days when it comes to weddings ó the informality of some of the guests.

I have been to a few weddings in my life. I was raised to think of weddings as something of a more formal occasion. I do not mean dressing up in tuxes and long gowns, I mean wearing slacks, dress shirts, dresses, heels, I guess what some would consider church clothes. My parents always made it clear to me that you dress up for events like this. They always expressed to my siblings and I that we should take pride in how we looked and there is certain attire to go with certain occasions.

I always thought my mom and dad were sharp dressers. My dad has never hesitated to help me find dress clothes for events. Amazing, I know, but the man has an eye for dress clothes.

What I am finding as I attend weddings now are that the younger generations have not necessarily been taught the same way. Of all the weddings I have been to, I can say that at a few of them people chose to wear jeans and old t-shirts or shorts and what I would consider not appropriate attire. It always seems to me that it is the younger people who wear them to these types of events.

I can not say that wearing jeans is wrong, maybe some are not able to afford anything more. In that case I would say wear your best pair of jeans and a nice dress shirt or borrow. Thrift shops are a personís best friend when looking for nice dress clothes. I have found a few very nice outfits that are very suited for work, weddings, or other dressy occasions. I think everyone should have at least one nice outfit hanging in their closet for these types of things. A nice outfit does not have to be expensive to be nice.

Like I said, I have more than one outfit from thrift stores. In one of my college classes, all the seniors spent some time one day before our class started discussing where the best thrift stores were to get a nice suit or a nice dress. None of us had much money, but we knew we could find something for a small price.

Maybe this is just the way the newer generations are moving, but to me it seems some things, like dressing appropriately, should stay the same. Although fashion trends change, the concept of looking nice for things like weddings, funerals, and work events should be seen in a similar way.

Maybe the dress code for weddings is not a big deal, maybe I am overreacting a little bit. I happen to feel though, that at my wedding I would not appreciate someone showing up so under dressed. I feel that it could potentially take away from the bride. Itís her big day and I think that it shows respect by dressing up for her event.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate. She can be emailed at