Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is in need of donations for this yearís fireworks display.

Jean Pritchett, director of the chamber, said at this date they havenít received any donations for the display and the fireworks cost around $10,000.

Pritchett said the chamber is asking the public to help because they do not have the ability to fund this display themselves. She said they have to pay the fireworks shooter by May 15 to have the display scheduled.

Pritchett said in the last few years they had an anonymous contributor who provided all the funds needed for the show and last year they took donations from the community. She said many communities are currently raising money for their fireworks displays this way.

She also said for the past several years the chamber board has provided the community with games and activities leading up to the fireworks display so the community can really have a fun filled day. She said the board was happy to give up their vacation day as long as the people in the community were enjoying themselves. She also said that if the funds are not raised for this yearís display, the chamber board will not be providing the games and activities.

Pritchett said Columbus Telephone Company is currently offering a drawing for an iPod for anyone who gives a $5 donation when they come into the phone company office. She said Commerce Bank is also taking donations. Commerce Bank will put the name of the person giving the donation on a firecracker and display it in the window.

Pritchett said if someone in the community wants to give a donation and get a tax write-off for it they can send it to the Foundation at P.O. Box 323 Columbus KS 66725. She said if someone wants to give a donation and is not worried about it being a tax write-off, they can send or bring it in to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, 320 East Maple Columbus KS 66725.