Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

The murder trial of Kaston Hudgins which was slated to begin this morning has been postponed.

Hudgins, who is charged with felony murder in the 2009 deaths of Taylor and Teresa Kemp, asked for new counsel citing a claimed conflict of interest with his court appointed attorney Samuel Marsh.

Hudgins filed a hand-written motion on Friday requesting a new attorney, one day after Marsh filed a similar motion asking to be released as Hudgins’ counsel.

In his motion Hudgins claimed that because Marsh knew the alleged victims in the case it was a conflict of interest. Hudgins further claimed Marsh had not provided him with information he needed to prepare for his trial.

In his motion, Marsh said simply that the relationship between he and Hudgins had become “so contentious” he did not feel he could continue as Hudgins’ attorney.

The motions were granted and the trial has been postponed until new counsel can be obtained for Hudgins.

On April 8, Hudgins was found “100 percent responsible” for the deaths of the Kemps by Eleventh Judicial District Court Judge Jeffery Jack in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by John Kemp, father of Taylor Kemp and husband of Teresa Kemp.

Jack awarded John Kemp nearly $5.5 million in damages.