On February 17, 2012 FFA Members traveled to Erie, Kan. to compete in Meats and Dairy Foods CDE. Meats A team division members were Kristen Henningsen, Makayla King, Sammy Perry, and Blake Martin. Meats B team division members were Brendan Billesbach and Chance Ray. The Meats A team placed 1st overall, with Makayla King placing 2nd, Kristen Henningsen placing 3rd, Sammy Perry placing 5th, and Blake Martin placing 6th all individually. The meats contest consists of thirty retail I.D. that students have to identify, six quality and yield grade classes, carcass grading and four meat placing classes. Dairy foods A team division members were Walter Cloud, Aly Crocker, and Wyatt Johnson. Dairy Foods B team division members were Lexi Murdock, Remi White and Shad Rudolph. The dairy foods A team placed 8th overall and the B team placed 5th overall. The dairy food contest consists of sampling and identifying milk flavors, students have to taste and identify different kinds of cheese, students are given a California Mastitis Test (students have to mix a solution into the milk that reacts to the mastitis in order to tell if the milk is good or bad), students have to able to tell if the dairy product is real or artificial like things such as milk, cheese, whip topping and butter and students also have to take a written exam over United Stated dairy production.

On March 6, 2012 FFA Members traveled to Iola, Kan. to compete in Poultry and Dairy Cattle CDE. Poultry A team division were Rachelle Roth, Makayla King, Kristen Henningsen, Sammy Perry, and Ashley Simpson. Poultry B team division members were Lexi Murdock, Dakota Kernel, Clayton Cossairt, and John Shallenburger. The Poultry A team placed 2nd overall, with Makayla King placing 1st, Kristen Henningsen placing 7th, and Sammy Perry placing 10th all individually. The poultry contest consists of a class of 15 eggs that students have to grade the quality of, students have to judge a class of chicken carcasses and tell the quality of it, from best to worst, students have to place two classes of processed poultry products and tell what is wrong with them such as they have a coating void, a broken bone or if the product is mixed, students have a class of 10 carcass parts they have to identify, students are also given two written exams over United States poultry production one exam is done individually and the other is a team exam. We had a one man dairy cattle team that included Walter Cloud, he placed 2nd individually. Dairy cattle judgers have six classes of dairy cattle and one class of Holstein heifers to place best to worst. Students have to give two sets of reasons on why they placed the cattle the way they did and they have to take a written test about dairy cattle production.