Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves recently spoke to a Cherokee County restaurant owner, who had received a telephone call from someone portraying themselves as an employee with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

He said in an email that the caller told the owner that an inspector was scheduled to come to the restaurant in the following days, and the owner needed to call a specific phone number, provided by the “KDHE employee”, to schedule a time for the inspection.

When the restaurant owner called the given number, the person taking the call requested a PIN or Social Security Number, to verify who they were and so they could continue to schedule the inspection.

The sheriff asked people remember they should never give your PIN, social security or any other important number to anyone over the phone (especially those who contact you, rather than you contacting them).

In addition, Kansas restaurants fall under the Kansas Department of Agriculture, not KDHE, and the state will not call ahead to schedule a facility inspection, they will just show up.

The restaurant owner in this case, contacted the state and verified that it was a scam.

If anyone has any concerns or similar issues, please feel free to contact the state or Groves at the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office (620)429-3992.