Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

Cherokee County Attorney John Bullard was arrested on allegations of domestic violence Friday evening, allegations which he and his wife vehemently deny.

"Like I've had to tell everyone, nothing happened," Shanel Bullard said Monday. "I bit the inside of my lip and I have a statement from the doctor saying that."

Shanel Bullard said her doctor told her that the medications she's on for severe ulcerative colitis cause easy bruising.

The specific medication she said is mentioned in the doctor's report is Azathioprine.

"They put me on that when I was at the Mayo Clinic," she said. "Anytime I bump into anything I get a bruise and if I get a scratch I don't heal very well.

"I'm having surgery (Tuesday) and they're concerned I may not heal."

The incident allegedly happened Thursday night when, John Bullard said his wife under the influence of medication sent a picture of her swollen lip to a third party. Shanel Bullard said she had intended to send the picture to her husband, but accidentally sent it elsewhere.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said the investigation began Friday morning and that during the course of the investigation probable cause was developed and Bullard was placed under arrest.

Kansas has an automatic arrest rule on alleged domestic violence and law enforcement is required to make an arrest if any contact occurs between people who live in the same home.

Groves declined further comment citing an ongoing investigation.

John Bullard said both his five year-old daughter and 18-year-old son were home and neither says anything of the sort happened.

John Bullard said he has already forwarded the case to the Kansas Attorney General's office for a determination on if the case should be brought for prosecution or not.

"Saturday I sent an email to Vic Braden (Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Litigation) asking that they review it," Bullard said, adding he had forwarded the email to Groves as well. Bullard also said he will remain county attorney but has placed himself on leave until the AG's office makes a determination on the misdemeanor charge.

Shanel Bullard she was more than a little upset by the whole thing.

"It just makes me speechless," she said. "The whole thing is ridiculous. Nothing happened. My husband has not hurt me and would never hurt me."

Bullard is free on $1,500 bond.