Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

New road graders for the county have been ordered and on their way.

Lot Supervisor Gene Langerot told the Cherokee County Commission Monday that it will probably be July before the new graders are in, but that they are on their way. Langerot also told the commission that he attended the quarterly safety meeting with the Columbus Fire Department where Empire District Electric Company spoke. Langerot said the meeting was very informative and that they would be having a different company or organization speaking at the next safety meeting.

Langerot also told the commission that in the first three months they are using less fuel than last year, but it is costing more. Commissioner Richard Hildebrand and Commissioner Pat Collins reviewed the costs for the first three months of 2011 and the first three months of 2010 and Hildebrand said it only cost about $2,200 more in 2011. Collins told him they would take a look again at the fuel costs when they are six months out and see how the standings are then.

Juanita Hodgson told the commission that the numbers for the sales tax payments for the state of Kansas are in. Sales tax had only gone down about $5,000 compared to last year.

Hodgson also told the commission that the AS-400 service is up for renewal of the maintenance plan on it. She said she wanted to let the commission know she was going to go ahead and have the maintenance done for the next year.

She said the maintenance and renewal will cost $3,000.

The county commission passed resolution 5-2011. Cherokee County Clerk Crystal Gatewood said the resolution is really an agreement with Kansas Works, which is the company the county goes through for workman's compensation. Gatewood said because they are in a cooperative, they are owned by several counties and the agreement basically shows that yes they do participate in workman's compensation. She said it is something they have to file every year and that this resolution is already on file at the courthouse and with the sate and will be available to be viewed online after the minutes are approved at next week’s commission meeting.