GALENA — For coffee lovers or those just looking for a great, chic atmosphere to relax, Streetcar Station might be the right place. Streetcar Station has been open six weeks in downtown Galena, and is owned by Kathy and Danny Anderson.

The Andersons’ came up with idea when they grew tired of the retired lifestyle. Kathy had previously worked 38 years for the bank in Galena while Danny had worked for the Riverton Public School System as a teacher. At first, they thought it would just be a gift shop. But, after meeting with a coffee roaster, coffee became a reinforced staple for the shop.

Streetcar Station is part of Galena’s downtown revitalization project.

The shop was decorated by Kathy and all construction was done by Danny and his brothers Neal and Darryl. The name is derived from the streetcars that used to run through Galena on Route 66 in the 1920’s and 30’s. Inside, the shop features a mural of a streetcar and a movie poster for “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Just inside the door, customers will find two plush leather chairs in a more secluded corner to the left with modern style tables and chairs to the right. There is free Wi-Fi and a flat screen TV.

Art is a main feature in the shop. Much of it is for sale by Fred Deaver. Starting on September 19th, the shop will feature pieces from the Galena Public Schools’ art classes.

The exhibit will run approximately three weeks.

The couple hopes to feature more local artistic talent as time progresses. Also, Streetcar Station is supporting the Galena downtown homecoming parade on the afternoon of September 21st.

Streetcar Station feature coffee, with their best seller Jamaicame Mocha, along with biscuits and gravy, an egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes, scones, brownies and other offerings. Several types of coffee and tea are available, along with some cold drinks such as smoothies. As the outside temperature drops, Streetcar Station will be featuring soup and sandwiches for lunch. The shop also features unique gifts including jewelry and Route 66 souvenirs. Eventually, the shop will also incorporate collectibles for sale into its business.

“We are excited to be open here and be part of the renovation of the downtown community,” said Danny Anderson. “Come in and relax and enjoy yourself,” stated the Andersons.

Streetcar Station is located at 515 S. Main in Galena. Hours are flexible at 6am-6pm. The shop can be reached at (620) 783-5554. And, check them out on Facebook at