Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

A hard freeze is expected Saturday night but Cherokee Couty Agriculture Extension Agent Dennis Elbrader said the cold weather shouldn‘t damage the wheat crop, and may even help.

“It won‘t damage it at all,” Elbrader said. “The wheat has not jointed yet.”

Jointed refers to the head in which the grain forms emerging from the ground. Elbrader said the head has yet to emerge so the cold won‘t do any real damage and could even help.

“It could get really cold and not do any real damage,” he said. “A little cold can even help by setting the wheat back a bit.”

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Griffin said the temperatures should be down more into normal ranges this weekend.

“Early early Saturday morning we‘ll have a front coming through,” Griffin said. “It should only last 24 hours.”

NWS is predicting temperatures into the low- to mid-20s for lows Saturday before climbing back into the 60s early next week.

Griffin said the National Climate Prediction Center is calling for a near-normal to slightly above normal temperatures and precipitation for the month of March.

Griffin said a “good soaking“ was expected today into tonight.

He also noted people need to be aware of the elevated threat for severe weather this time of year.

“Our tornado season is March in to May,” he said. “This is our prime time for tornadoes. We‘re definitely going to be getting into a more active (weather) pattern.”