October was an average month for burglaries in Cherokee County. According to Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves his department worked seven break-ins in the county.

“They’ve been kind of spread out,” he said. “Not concentrated in one area.”

Groves said most of the break-ins have been in rural areas of the county with the exception of the Weir American Legion where a few packs of cigarettes were stolen and one in Riverton where some copper wire was stolen from an empty house.

“There have been a couple where they have forced entry but didn’t take anything,” Groves said, adding it’s possible the burglars were “casing” homes to see if there was anything worth taking.

In one of the recent burglaries in the southwest part of the county the burglars got away with nearly $6,000 in property and a debit card they used to go on a spending spree in Joplin, Mo.

“We identified a male and female involved with that one,” Groves said. “We’re working with Missouri on it.”

He said he expected there would be charges forthcoming both in Kansas and Missouri.

He also said the break-ins have been a bit odd in terms of what was stolen.

“There’s really no consistency on what’s being taken,” Groves said. “In some cases there’s been expensive items ignored but other stuff taken.”

Groves suggested a few ways residents can protect themselves from burglary.

“First and foremost secure your residence,” he said. “A lot of people may shut the garage door but not lock the interior door leading from the garage to the house. That’s been a route of entry.”

Groves said it’s important to make sure doors and windows are locked and to watch neighbor’s houses as well.

“Check on your neighbors,” he said. “We’ve had a couple instances, although not this month, where the neighbors saw somebody suspicious but didn’t call us. Please call. We would rather come and and check and find out someone was there for a legitimate purpose than have someone victimized.”