Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

A new recycling trailer for Cherokee County should help boost recycling programs in the area. The fire damaged 14-bin, triple-axle trailer has been donated to the county and the Cherokee County Commission agreed Monday to repair the trailer and make it available for use.

Art Mallory, communications director for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, asked the commissioners for funding to buy a flash drive that will allow the department to access the C-Soft software used to communicate with other agencies in the county. This purchase will allow the police department to have a third full terminal in case one of the other two happens to quit working.

The flash drive will cost $4,000.

The commissioners approved the purchase as soon as a purchase order is prepared.

The business license resolution which was discussed last week was reopened for discussion.

The official draft for the new resolution proposes some requirements for business licenses in the county. Requirements such as a small fee, yearly renewal, and a check on the credentials of the business owner. According to commissioners the purpose is to help aid and protect the welfare of citizens of Cherokee County. Commissioners said this is a way to help keep track of what businesses are coming into the area, if they are operating with clean and safe conditions and to make sure the businesses are legitimate and will not cause problems for Cherokee County citizens.

There had been some controversy at last week‘s meeting with observers questioning if the draft resolution amounted to a new tax, and if executive session had been improperly used.

At this week‘s meeting County Counsel Kevin Cure explained the requirements for executive session and said the county is using the executive session privilege properly.

There are three proposed changes to the draft resolution. The words “door-to-door canvassers“ will be changed to “door-to-door salesmen“ to avoid confusion. At the end of section three, door to door sales will specify that charitable, nonprofit organizations will not be required to have a license rules. If a business is licensed by the city, and within the city limits, but also does work in the county, then the license is valid and the owners would not have to obtain a county license.