Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

I think at some point in every personís life we get that one absolutely fantastic idea, the one that most people know they wonít be able to complete. One of mine has always been ďMan, I want to start a band.Ē

I know itís not a completely far fetched idea. A lot of people start bands all the time, but I think what most people donít realize about having a band is all the work that goes into it.

This weekend I got to see a really great band perform in Joplin. It was fun, up beat, pop music. Fantastic to listen to and they had great stage presence. I had the pleasure of talking to a couple of the guys in the band for a while because they decided to hang around and see the second band perform.

I talked to the bass player first. The band is from San Antonio and one of the things he mentioned to me was the possibility of them making the drive back home that very night. I asked him why they would have to leave so quickly and he told me they were just so busy and had so much new exciting stuff going on, the sooner they got back the better. They were getting ready to go to the studio and record a new album and had many more shows planned in different areas.

Traveling so much and spending so much time away from home or just the very idea of not even having time to catch a good nightís sleep somewhere was one thing I never even thought about in all the times I thought about how I wanted to start a band.

I also spent some time working as a photographer for some of my friendsí bands that they have had over the years. I think another thing many people donít think about is the money. All of my friends who have had bands have only been able to have them as side projects. There isnít much money in it when youíre first starting out and sometimes there may never be any money in it. The music industry is a tough place to break into.

I can just recall traveling around to take pictures of their bands. The majority of the time I was doing it for free because they didnít have any money to pay me and I needed the experience. I always enjoyed photographing the bands, but I can remember a few shows I went to where there were not very many people in the audience.

There are so many extra factors to having a band and being in a band I canít even begin to cover them all in this column, but I did have a chance to talk to some very nice people in a great band and get a little insight into what their day to day lives were like and what it is like traveling, doing something they love, and bringing some great entertainment to people. It looks like it can be very trying, but I think the young men I met really loved what they were doing.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate. She can be emailed at