Dear Editor,

In regard to top front page article published in the Cherokee County News-Advocate on March 7, 2012, I have the following statement.

Each and every accusation in this article as it relates to me personally is false.

I was honored to be appointed to this position by Mayor Bingham in May of 2011, and I have worked hard on various endeavors, always with the best interest of Baxter Springs in mind. I have never had, nor do I now have, a personal agenda while working for the city. I always listen to others and carefully consider their thoughts and ideas, but in the end, my decisions and actions are always based on what I believe is in the city’s best interest. I am not afraid to stand alone in my decisions, and never follow another when I disagree. Those of you that know me well, know this is true.

My reputation in my life long home town, the city I love, has been permanently damaged by these unfounded attacks on my character. I am amazed at how easy this was to do. Even so, I will carry on and do my best to clear my name over time. Please rest assured, my integrity remains uncompromised and I will continue my campaign to retain my council seat representing the citizens in the 3rd ward of Baxter Springs.

Don Underwood