City council positions are up for grabs in several communities in Cherokee County on April 6.

Baxter Springs, Columbus and West Mineral will elect about half of their two year council positions.

“Their seats are for two year terms,” said Baxter Springs City Clerk Donna Wixon. “We have an election every year for the seats that come up.”

The municipal election is not a primary, like the coming August primary.

“Candidates don’t have to declare a party for this election,” said Cherokee County Clerk Crystal Gatewood.

In Baxter Springs, First Ward Incumbent Ron Steele is unopposed. Second Ward Incumbent Lori Wren is opposed by James Younger. Third Ward first time filer Jenifer Bingham is unopposed. Fourth Ward Incumbent Mike Kaufman is also unopposed.

In Columbus, First Ward Incumbent John  Paradee is unopposed. The Second Ward has two new filers for the position, Hollie Young and Nick Lucian. Third Ward Incumbent Gary L. Smith is unopposed. Fourth Ward Incumbent Steve Dunlop is challenged by Virgil Buckner and Fifth Ward Incumbent Douglas L. Hosier is unopposed.

West Mineral city council positions are all open.

“No one has filed for the seats,” said Gatewood said. “Voters will have to write in their candidates.”

The Columbus Hospital Board Director positions are all open as well.

“The same situation will exist for that too,” Gatewood said. “Voters can write in a candidate.”

Polling places will be the community centers in Baxter Springs and Columbus. West Mineral voters will cast their ballots at the city hall.

For voters unable to go to their respective polling place, the courthouse will offer ballots for voters to cast their mark.

“We can take ballots up through 7 p.m. on election day, Tuesday April 6,” Gatewood said.

Galena residents don’t follow the same municipal guidelines as the other communities.

“Some of the positions are for four years and some for two,” Gatewood said. “They don’t have a municipal election every year.”