Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Hot, dry weather in Cherokee County has caused Cherokee County Commissioners to adopt a burn ban at the Cherokee County Commission meeting Monday.

Commissioners adopted an ordinance banning outdoor burning and open fires throughout Cherokee County. Commissioners said the burn ban is in effect until further notice.

The National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo. said Cherokee County is in a slight to moderate drought. This means it has been so dry in June and July the area is in a deficit for rain fall. NWS said since June 1 Cherokee County is six inches below normal rainfall.

The NWS also said the hot dry temperatures will continue through the week and weekend and a minor weather shift may bring a slight relief and low chances of rain in next week. The NWS said there is currently a high pressure ridge over the area and will be moving when the weather shifts.

Rebecca Brassart and Janie Fletcher came to the commissioners about a road near West Country Road that has not been accepted by the county as a road.

Brassart said part of the road had been vacated, but there has been no paperwork showing the road was actually accepted by the county.

Brassart said they would like to parcel the road out so it can be put back on the tax rolls. Cherokee County Commissioner Jack Garner said the owners of the adjoining land need to be contacted about plans for the road.

Larry Sharp of Kansas County Association Multi-line Pool told commissioners they had won an award from KCAMP for being a one of the charter member counties. Sharp said the commission has been part of the organization since 1993 and awarded them with a clock. The commissioners then voted to give the clock to Cherokee County Commissioner Pat Collins for his years of service to the county.

Sharp also told commissioners their insurance premiums had been reduced by 12 percent. Sharp said the premiums are calculated by comparing the insurance claims for the county over a period of four years. Sharp said their loss average was 95 percent for the last four years. The goal is approximately 60 percent. The numbers are skewed by a 237 percent loss rate in 2008 caused by a hail storm. By way of comparison the rate was 14 percent in 2007.

According to the loss ratio is the ratio of total losses paid out in claims plus adjustment expenses divided by the total earned premiums

He said in the last year there were many small claims. He said the formula used is the total amount of dollars paid out as compared to the premium for any given year.

Additionally Russell Norvell came to the commissioners with complaints about Chico Road. Norvell said heavy trucks have been using the road to haul top soil for Rick Myers and is causing parts of the road to collapse. Collins told Norvell, Myers will be working on a project that should be completed in 60 days. Collins said after that the county will be looking at the road and deciding how to make repairs.

Paul Bone and Jeff Clark came to commissioners for approval of their 2012 conservation budget.

Bone said there were not many changes in the budget. He said the 2011 budget was cut by two percent and the budget is fairly similar.

Bone requested a $25,000 allotment from the county for 2012. The commissioners approved their budget.