Columbus West Mineral Weir and Cherokee Rural Water District Six water users have been advised that the disinfection process is going from free chlorination to Combined chlorination.

The change brings the local water supply into compliance with federal and state regulations.

The water will contain a different disinfectant than has been used in the past. The new disinfectant is known as chloramines.

Chloramines is a combination of Chlorine and ammonia which forms chloramines.

This change is of special interest to those who use dialysis services or those who raise or keep fish as pets.

It is the chloraminesí ability to remain in the water for a longer period of time that causes problems for dialysis patients and fish.

Both chlorine and chloramines are toxic to fish. In fact chloramines are less toxic to fish than free chlorine. however, due to the fact that chloramines are more stable and persist longer than free chlorine, particular care must be taken to assure removal. Fish and pet stores have a special chemical which can be added to the water to eliminate the chemical and make the water safe for fish.

Dialysis patients are encouraged to talk to their health care provider about the proper method of removal for their use.

For most uses the water is safe including consumption by the general public.

Some larger home filtration units will remove the new chemical from the water, but according to the water supplier it should be of little concern to the general public.