Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

A Cherokee County Sheriff‘s Deputy responding to a call for assistance from the Cherokee County Jail Saturday was injured when his patrol car struck a deer on Clem Road.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said Deputy Matt Peters was west-bound on Clem when the deer jumped out in front of Peters‘ car at the intersection of SE 40th. Peter‘s hit the deer and then left the road where Groves said the car rolled at least once.

Groves said Peters was transported to Via Christie Hospital and was released on Sunday.

Groves said the car is probably totaled.

“With these Crown Vics we‘ve got, they‘re high mileage,” he said. “They‘re old cars and they‘re just not worth very much so it‘s not hard to total one out.”

According to Groves the situation at the jail was an unruly inmate and on-duty deputies at the jail were able to handle it.

Peters is currently at home recovering.