MIAMI, Okla. — A Delaware County man is behind bars after allegedly kidnapping and raping a Kansas woman yesterday morning.

Garth Stacie Howell, 45, was taken into custody in Ottawa County at approximately 4:30 a.m. Monday.

According to the arrest report, the Miami Police Department issued a “be on the lookout” (BOLO) for a 34-year-old Independence, Kan., woman, who had been abducted. The BOLO indicated that the woman was last seen in a black Ford four-door pickup.

Officer Steve Puckett with the Wyandotte Police Department advised Ottawa County authorities that he may be traveling behind the suspect vehicle.

Puckett initiated a traffic stop and while speaking with the driver, Ottawa County Deputy Aaron Bachman arrived on the scene.

“Upon arrival, I approached the passenger side of the vehicle,” said Bachman. “I asked the female subject if she could get out of the vehicle. I watched her slowly reach for the door handle as she was watching the male driver.”

Bachman said she began slowly opening the truck door then suddenly swung the door open and jumped out of the vehicle running toward Bachman.

“I asked if she was all right,” said Bachman. “She was shaking and began to cry. She said ‘I am now’.”

After a brief conversation with the female subject, identified at Shawna Nickel, Howell was taken into custody.

According to the Nickel’s statement, she was at a party in Independence, Kan., where she was introduced to Howell.

Nickel said she got into Howell’s vehicle on the pretence that he was going to show her how to shoot a gun.

Nickel told authorities that Howell drove her to a house in which she was unable to identify the location. After arriving at the house, Nickel said Howell raped her then produced a “long gun” and told her to get back in the pickup truck.

Authorities say at the time of the arrest, Howell produced an Iraqi driver’s license and demanded officers return it to him, stating “they were impossible to get and it took him a long time to receive it.”

Howell also told authorities that as soon as possible he planned to return to Iraq. Authorities have requested no bond be set due to the accused being a flight risk.