The Weir Public Library board of trustees met Sept. 10 with the following members present: Ronda Coltrane, Karen Thompson, Melissa Gardner, Roxy Blessant, Mayor Saundra Stricklin and Stef Arbuckle.

The library will be having a Bake Sale in the Park during the Weir Homecoming Drawings Sunday, Sept.

 20. Weir Civic Center drawings will start at 3 p.m. In case of rain the drawings and bake sale will be in the Civic Center.

A “Taste of Home” and a “Creative Cook”, both 3-ring cookbooks, are available to view at the library. Donations are being taken. Drawing will be during the Weir Homecoming Sunday in the park activities at the library’s bake sale. Need not be present to win.

All proceeds from these activities will go towards paint for the interior of the library.

Emily Rodda, author of the “Deltora Quest Triology” is the featured author of the month.

Youth and adults can both enjoy the adventure, mystery solving of who’s who in a mid-evil setting.

The “Deltora” books by Rodda will take you through a series of challenges to free the kingdom of Del from the evil Shadow Lord and return the kingdom to the rightful heir who’s identity is unknown.

Fifteen books make-up the triology, “Deltora Quest”, “Shadowlands” and “Dragons of Deltors” that take Lief, Barda , and Jasmine on their quest.

Rodda has included clues to the puzzles and challenges that the trio face chapter to chapter. Each book ends in a “cliff-hanger” inviting you to read the next book.

Will you be able to solve the dilemma before the trio? Will you figure out who is the rightful heir to the throne?

Young readers, as well as adults, will enjoy the Deltora books. The triology makes an excellent story time for families.

Find more on Emily Rodda online: or deltoraquestcom for all the extras that go with the books.