Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Iíve been feeling a little nostalgic lately, and possibly a bit nerdy as well.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of items pertaining to things from my childhood. My favorite so far being the Power Rangers t-shirt I bought a couple of weeks ago.

I went shopping with my little sister and her friend and a shirt caught my eye. A shirt featuring characters from the first Power Rangers show. The show from my childhood. I looked at this shirt and right then and there I knew I had to buy it.

As I stood there looking at this shirt memories came flooding back to me. Memories of my childhood friend Josh and I running around my house or his house pretending we were power rangers. Of course I was always the pink ranger. I couldnít tell you what ranger he played. But there we would go, running around inside of the house, bouncing off the furniture, shouting ďItís mighty morphiní time!Ē and playing until we were worn out. Josh and I always had a blast playing our games, although I am sure our parents would have preferred that we did not run around in the house and jump off of the furniture. The game just fit so well with the one where we believed the floor was lava and the couches and tables were the only safe zones. Amazing how that one t-shirt brought back a million memories.

So I have been keeping my eyes out for other things featuring items from my childhood. I have also found shirts with Land Before Time characters, Super Mario Brothers characters and many others.

Of course I bought the Mario Brothers t-shirt. I spent a good portion of my childhood playing video games. Like I said, a bit nerdy. My brother and I had a Nintendo NES. That is the original Nintendo with the square cartridges. The oneís famous for having to be blown inside to make work. My brother and I played a lot of the Mario games, Link and Zelda, and many many others. Apparently the old style Nintendo and its games are back in fashion. Every time I see something involving those video games all I can do is grin and remember. I still have that Nintendo running around somewhere, but Iím afraid it needs a little work.

I have also recently gotten back into playing my Sims games. I can remember playing Sim City. Building towns, houses, businesses and running the town. I have always loved games like that. As games became more advanced I kept rolling with them. Playing the new Sims games, playing other games like Roller Coaster Tycoon where you build theme parks, but always holding that little flame for the game that started it all, Sim City. Who can forget little pieces of childhood like that.

I really hope they continue to bring things from my childhood back, because I really like seeing them and having the opportunity to remember some of the great things from my youth.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate and the Baxter Springs News. She can be emailed at