Class LTD recently received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Services allowing them to extend their recreational programs for people with developmental disabilities and hire Travis Tobin, a Pittsburg State University graduate as the new life enhancements coordinator.

The grant will be used to help enhance day services and help with integrated participation in the community.

Class has a wide range of services for developmentally disabled people and includes anything from adult residential services to integrated participation services.

Class has recently started a laundry pickup and delivery service for their clients in the Columbus area. Class LTD bought a laundromat in Pittsburg and when the realized Columbus no longer had a one. Class then started offering laundry services in the area. Class has also partnered with Columbus Fitness Center which gave Class a nine month membership at a flat-rate for Class LTD clients in Cherokee County.

Director of Service Projects Gretchen Andrews, said they also like to try to discover the client’s talents. Class have drama therapy workshops, a choir, CLASS ambassadors, AKTION club and Job club. The choir goes out into the community and sings at local events, churches and nursing homes. The ambassadors are elected to represent Class LTD at special events, the job club recognizes some of the clients for success at their jobs and the AKTION club provides clients with the opportunity to serve and help be integrated into their community.

Class LTD also participates in recycling programs such as Eco-shred document destruction, which allows people to bring their confidential documents and get them shredded, and Eco-glass, which allows them to recycle glass into a marketable product.

Andrews and Tobin both continue to work on helping their clients become an integrated part of the community and finding new ways to offer more services in the area.