Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Raises for the department heads are in the works for Cherokee County. The Cherokee County Commission decided to approve 25 cent per-hour raises for department heads Monday. The raise is based on a 2,080 hour work year and is retroactive to January 1.

The raise does not include the commissioners.

It is severe weather week in Cherokee County. Emergency Management Director Jason Allison said they will be testing county weather sirens the first and third Mondays of each month.

Allison also mentioned the storm shelter in Roseland is 90-95 percent complete and should be finished by storm season.

Allison said the Federal Emergency Management Agency donated $200,000 for the storm shelter and the rest of the money came from United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.

Allison also discussed putting a tornado drill for the courthouse into place. Each department head will have a plan of where personnel should go during severe weather.

He also said they are working on getting a grant for more storm sirens.

Deputy County Clerk Paula Cheney said income tax and homestead dates have been extended to April 18 and school board and city elections will be April 5.

Sheriff David Groves said the Sheriff’s Department had 107 cases last month and the officers will be doing domestic violence training this month. Groves said he would like to have the training every month.