Columbus residents were briefly with out water Friday night when an 8-inch water main was broken by the cold weather in between Indiana and Mulberry streets.

Columbus city Superintendent Jim Burton said the leak began about 10 a.m. and took close to 12 hours to finally repair because there was no valve on the line to easily isolate it.

Columbus is not under a boil order Burton said, because the pressure in the waterlines never dropped below 20 pounds per square inch.

“We didn’t drop below 20 and we maintained 17 feet in the tower,” Burton said, adding he had talked to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Monday morning and KDHE had said the water was fine.

Burton said that was the only city line broken by the single digit temperatures last week, but there has been a rash of residential lines frozen up.

“We’ve been running around shutting off houses,” he said.

Eight city workers including Burton were at the scene as well as five city trucks, a Vac-Trol vacuum trailer and two gas motor powered centrifugal water pumps with four inch intake and discharge hoses.