Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

A large trackhoe was tearing up the ground next door to Jack‘s One Stop earlier this week pulling out the three giant fuel tanks buried next to the store.

Steven Burton, Columbus Fire Department lead driver and captain, is also the owner of Outback Archery in Columbus and he and his wife Natalie, of Natalie‘s School of Dance, recently purchased the former bait shop and gas station.

“I‘ve already got Outback Archery,” Burton said. “It‘s more than doubled in business and inventory in the last year so I‘ve been looking for a better location up town.”

Burton said archery is a seasonal business so he was looking for something which would supplement the bow hunting side.

“By buying an existing bait shop that gives me business year-round,” he said.

Burton, who said he has no plans to leave the fire department, said the new business will have a full-line archery pro-shop, carry a variety of fishing supplies, including live and artificial bait, and include a convenience store as well.

“Everything but gas,” he said.

Burton said he‘s opening the shop because hunting and fishing are life-long passions for him and he felt there is a demand for an outdoors store in Columbus.

He said they expect to be open within the next 30 days.

“There‘s still a lot of remodeling and updating to do,” Burton said.