The Columbus City Council held the 2010 budget hearing Tuesday Sept. 15 at City Hall.

Mayor Marie Nepple presided.

A motion was made to approve the 2010 budget of $50,940. The budget is around $50,000 less than last year.

It was stated the decrease in the amount the council was ask for is mainly due to workman’s compensation taxes and the actual tax rate going down.

Mayor Nepple said "The committee had anticipated the decrease in the amount the council would request.

She said "They had been very frugal with the budget over the past year."

She also stated," Columbus City water and sewer prices had not been increased over the past 2 years."

Because the budget request was $50,000 less that last year, there was no need for an ordinance to spend the money.

The budget was signed by city council members Tuesday night and has been submitted to Cherokee County for approval.

The city council will meet again on Monday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.