Cherokee County will finish the year in the black.

The Cherokee County Commission heard from it‘s auditor and treasurer on Monday in the courthouse.

“If we get the December sales tax in on the last day of the year, we will come out,” said Treasurer Juanita Hodgson. “It will be around $90,000.”

Auditor Gene Mense said the county books would show a shortfall if it does not.

“The county will finish the year with an ending balance of about $46,000,” he said. “That is very good news.”

Commissioner Jack Garner from the second district agreed.

“We have come from a $600,000 deficit to a plus $46,000,” he said. “All of our department heads should give themselves a pat on the back.”

November sale tax figures total $123,870.84. That is down just over $16,000 from a year ago.

Shawn Turner from Trans Systems Engineering spoke to the commissioners about sewer system installation on the I-44 corridor of Cherokee County.

“I would recommend any future system be installed in the natural drainage basins,” he said. “This would be cheaper and not require so many lift stations.”

Commission Chairman Richard Hilderbrand asked about constructing extensions to the highway for future businesses.

Turner said that would certainly work well.

“Gravity will be our friend regarding wastewater,” District One Commissioner Pat Collins said.

The commissioners asked Turner to allow plans to be kept at the courthouse for contractor bids for possible future work.

“I want every contractor to receive a bid invitation,” Garner said. “It they want to try for the work, they will be allowed to do so.”

Ray Ryan from EMC Insurance gave the county a proposal for all of their insurance coverage.

“We currently serve Galena, Greenbush and many counties, municipalities and school districts,” he said.

The commission took his proposal under consideration.

In the afternoon, Kansas Works worker compensation made their proposal for Cherokee County workers compensation and liability coverage.

“Cherokee County is a charter member of our organization,” said KWORKS Representative Tom Jobe. “We have provided their worker compensation and liability ever since.”

KWORKS is a member-owned insurance company.

The commission will meet again on Dec. 6 in the courthouse.