What wears size 22 shoes?

Works only on Sunday?

Wears gray fur?

Eats little pigs?

Huffs and Puffs?

Was in Columbus Tuesday?

It’s K.C. Wolf. Mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Promoting “Read Across America” the mascot brought an entertaining hour to the youngsters who attend Highland and Park School. Even some high school student sneaked in to watch.

His message was reading is fun, he read his favorite book to the youngsters and answered their questions about the life of a professional team mascot.

In his other life K.C. Wolf is Dan Mears, a graduate of the University of Missouri where he honed his craft as the “Missouri Tiger,” for four years.

“After graduation my parents were all excited that I could finally go out and get a job,” said Mears. “They were excited when my first job was being the St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fred Bird.”

“I moved over to Kansas City when they approached me with an offer, I realized I probably would look better in gray skin, than the yellow tights Fred Bird wore.”

Having just finished his nineteenth year as the Chief’s mascot, which is “a long time to avoid a real job,” joked Mears. “The good part is I get to meet youngsters all over the country and I get to travel. I have performed in Germany, Japan and performed at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii twice.

His message to the youngsters was “you need to read to succeed,” and that “education is the key to your future.”

He said even a mascot must constantly be learning new things and improving his skills.