RIVERTON Rural Water District Number Two, which serves the area north of Riverton Kansas, held its annual meeting at the Riverton Community Center. Board Chairman Vern Warstler called the meeting to order. Board member Judy Adams read the minutes of the 2011 annual meeting.

The operating budget for the year of 2012 was reviewed, and an increase of 15 cents per thousand gallons was approved. For 2011, the district had a total operating income of $201,100. Expenses totaled $160,450, with an additional $42,000 placed in the capital improvement account, which resulted in a net income of $1,150.

Warstler reported that in the previous year, a pump failure resulted in only 2 to 3 hours worth of water to meet its needs. In order to avoid this situation again, it was noted that an engineering report on the feasibilty of an interconnect with Rural Water District Number One was in progress.

The board also discussed the use of orange door hangers to notify a patron when their bill is past due. The hangers are cheaper than postage and appear to be more effective at collecting the bill. Operator J.W. Stephenson said that 40 to 50 were sent out last month. The reconnect fee has increased to $35, a second occurrence service fee is $60, and a third occurrence fee is $85.

Board member Ryan Livingston stepped down from his position on the board leaving a opening on the water board. The bylaws of the district allow for an appointment for an at large position. Anyone interested in serving on the board can contact any board member for more information. The board approved the re-appointment of Judy Adams, Randy French and George Lockwood to the water board.