Assistant Columbus Unified High School Principal Tony Shearburn was honored Tuesday as the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals as the Virco Assistant Principal of the Year.

Virco Inc., manufactures school equipment

Shearburn said he was nominated for the honor in the spring and then was chosen to be Assistant Principal of the Year for 2010.

Shearburn said the honor just acknowledges whats going on at CUHS.

Its definitely a nice honor to show that good things are happening at Columbus Unified High School, Shearburn said Thursday. Its kind of a verifier that were doing what we need to be doing down here in the southeast part of the state.

Were doing a lot of good things up here at the high school and its nice that someone recognizes that.

KASSP, which gave Shearburn the honor, is an organization of over 500 secondary school principals from across the state of Kansas. According to a release from the organization, Shearburn was nominated and selected by peer principals and was evaluated on school leadership, school improvement, dedication, professionalism and service to students.

Shearburn has also been named interim principal at the high school to take over when Principal Steve Jameson, who is in the Army Reserve deploys at the end of January.