The 100th Kansas State Fair is now history and all that is left are the memories, and what great memories we have. Our Cherokee County 4-H’ers did a great job and represented our county with pride. Congratulations 4-Hers we are proud of you.

Dog, Novice, Blue, Finalist – Zoie Bresee, Agility, Red – Charlsea Downs, White – Zoie Bresee, Jamie Leeper, Morgan Leeper, Intermediate Showmanship, Purple – Morgan Leeper, Senior Showmanship, Purple – Jamie Leeper, Blue – Charlsea Downs, Rally Obedience, White – Jamie Leeper, Morgan Leeper

Rabbit: Senior Buck, Blue – Waycee Brassart

Horses: Barrel Racing Finalist – Waycee Brassart, Marty Shanks, Pole Bending 8th Place – Marty Shanks, Flag Race Participant – Marty Shanks, Breakaway Roping 1st Place - Blake Martin, Finalist - Waycee Brassart, Marty Shanks, Tie Down Roping 1st Place – Blake Martin, 3rd Place - Marty Shanks, Team Roping 1st place – Blake Martin, Marty Shanks

Poultry: Senior Poultry Judging Team - 7th Place, Senior Poutltry Judging Individual 19th Place - Katelyn Davis, 27th Place - Kindall Henning, 32nd Place - James Humble, 34th Place Jessica Humble

Fashion Review: Purple – Phillip Underwood

Foods: Purple – Lydia Handshy

Visual Arts: Rock Springs Display – Riley Abernathy

Patchwork and Quilting: Red – Gracee Pritchett

Gardening: Purple – Eric Underwood, Blue – Haddie Gideon, Hannah Gideon, Eric Underwood, Phillip Underwood, Red – Haddie Gideon,

Flowers: Blue - Zoie Bresee, Elizabeth Scott, Phillip Underwood

Photography: 4-H Foundation Selection – Kaylee Gum

Again congratulations to all the 4-H,ers, all your hard work paid off. Thank you to all the leaders, volunteers, parents, family, and friends who supported the 4-Her’s.