Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

Crops in Cherokee County are looking good so far this year, but according to Cherokee County Agriculture Extension Agent Dennis Elbrader it‘s a bit early to make predictions.

“Some of the farmers would like to get in and plant corn but can‘t because of the wet conditions,” he said. “Some of the wheat needs fertilizer and it needs to dry out so they can do that.”

On the plus side, Elbrader said, there haven‘t been any major diseases so far this year and prices are up.

He said he expects prices to go down somewhat closer to harvest, which is typical, and that  there‘s “good price support,” right now.

He said input costs, items like fuel and fertilizer are somewhat higher this year and that could negatively affect profits, but with the current price supports farmer‘s should have a good chance to turn a profit.

In addition, Elbrader said, the pastures are starting to green up and as the weather dries out area ranchers will start to turn cattle out to pasture, which decreases costs and increases profits.

He also said beef prices are extremely good this year which will be good for the ranchers.

Elbrader said barring unforeseen circumstances it should be a good year, but there‘s no way to tell for sure.

“If I knew what the prices were going to be I might not be county ag agent,” he said. “I‘d be buying and selling grain.”