Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

A new collection of dolls is on display at the Columbus Museum.

Edward Eugene Cassell, more affectionately know as Gene, donated his wife, Carol Jean Cassellís, collection of Barbie Dolls, porcelain, Cabbage Patch as well as other dolls to the museum after her death.

Cassell said he did not want her collection of over 600 dolls separated or sold. He wanted to keep the collection together in a place where his family and others could enjoy it. Cassell also gave his wifeís collection of approximately 400 toy horses to the museum.

Currently there are around 108 dolls on display in what is known as the dollhouse. The dolls range from holiday editions of barbies to older porcelain dolls to special fiber optic dolls. Many of the dolls are still in their original boxes.

Museum worker Doris Richardson said she believes Carol had been collecting the dolls for about 40 years.

Additionally, Richardson said, people have been coming into the museum just to see the doll collection, which is extensive. Richardson said she still has thirteen more boxes of dolls in her office waiting to be displayed as well as the collection of horses and said each doll must be catalogued before it can be displayed.

Richardson said they are hoping to be able to build an expansion on the museum to make more room for the displays, adding she hopes to be able to display all of the dolls given to the museum in what would be the new dollhouse section. She also said there have been other collections of dolls given to the museum that she would like to have displayed and she is hoping to be able to build a stable for the horse collection.