The below zero weather gave an inside-living treat to newborn identical twin Pygmy goats.

Precious and Jumping Jack, belonging to Ernie and Hope Carvalho of SE Highway 160, have been inside the house for the past three weeks.

“Normally, it’s not good to separate goat kids from their mother,” said Ernie Carvalho. “But temperatures this cold made us do something.”

The Carvalho’s brought the goat kids inside just before Christmas.

“We put diapers on them and they are part of the family now,” said Hope Carvalho. “But they don’t keep the diapers on very well.”

The Carvalhos are originally from the East Coast. Hope grew up in Maine and Ernie was from Boston. The met in Oklahoma and married in the Midwest.

“We came to Southeast Kansas and lived in Galena for a long time,” Ernie Carvalho said. “The floods took our home there. But with the help of FEMA, we moved here to Highway 160.”

Ernie works for Orica Manufacturing in Hallowell. But in their spare time they raise goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and are beginning to work with pot-bellied pigs.

“We sell eggs big-time,” said Ernie Carvalho. “But the hens aren’t producing much right now. The spring and summer is our busy time.”

The family is out of eggs many times when consumers stop by in the winter. But that is not so in the summer.

“The hens can produce 18 eggs a day in the optimum egg-laying season,” added Ernie Carvalho. “We stay pretty busy.”

Helping with the family livestock business are the Carvalho’s daughters, Lexis, 13 and Jessica, 4.

“I like working with the animals,” said Lexis. “And the winter here is usually much better than in Maine.”

The Carvalho family welcomes customers to their livestock business, especially for eggs and rabbits. Their address is 4094 East Hwy. 160. They are about halfway between Columbus and Crestline on the south side of the road.

Youngest daughter Jessica held baby goat Curious and added her decision of how her parents could run their livestock sales.

“We’re not selling any more rabbits or goats,” Jessica Carvalho said. “We are going to keep everything.”